Our services

High-impact services for your healthcare needs

Our company takes pride in offering customers quality and committed healthcare professionals with years of experience to help provide customers with a diverse range of compassionate healthcare services

Personal Support Worker

Our staff ensure that patients are cared for properly in terms of emotional well-being, physical ability, and ease. By providing this, GPHS PSW can construct a robust therapeutic relationship with clients over periods of time and give them a sense of comforting familiarity.

Registered Nurse

Our team of expert registered nurses (RN) can deal with clients tied to more complicated care requirements and recommend guidance and knowledge to individuals when needed. The team also offers continuous care to individuals, as well as handling quick thinking in emergency scenarios.

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)

Our compassionate and educated RPN's readily dive into developing, applying, supervising, and assessing personalized services for their patients. Using their college education and strong skillset as a foundation, this team helps tend to clients with a high-quality approach.

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Door Screener

The company has shown evidence of readily adapting itself to unexpected events when implementing door screeners during Covid-19 regulations. The door screeners hired helped assist existing staff with their heavy workload and meet ever-changing healthcare standards. All staff here are knowledgeable about current laws and act as the first person any patients, employees, and visitors see.

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Environmental Cleaner

Environmental cleaning is typically performed by cleaning or housekeeping services in a facility. We provide guidance, support, and resources to help you follow best practices for environmental cleaning.

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Chef/Cook/Kitchen helper

Cook at GPHS will be responsible to prepare high quality meals to meet the nutritional needs of the residents and guests, while consistently maintaining the relevant health, hygiene, and safety standards